Top 5 Restaurants in Cusco

Peruvian cuisine has been on the list of the best in the world for some years, achieving excellent quality in ingredients that are typical and natural of the Peruvian lands. This is one of the secrets of success for Peruvian chefs to maintain the natural and particular characteristics of their dishes.

The most striking flavors are found in the diversity of fish and seafood, as well as in the wide variety of vegetables and fruits, not to mention potatoes and corn, a lot of possibilities and new flavors.

There are many great restaurants in the city. But for you to choose the best restaurants to eat in Cusco, we help you with a list of 5 of them.


A restaurant with the signature of renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, is just a few blocks from Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. La Chicha offers regional food, with many original meats and vegetables.

Its products and ingredients are from the local culture and customs, cultivated by producers of local Inca origin, always with natural elements. With the Cusqueian wisdom, it presents traditional recipes, such as lamb, octopus, in addition to its famous chocolate sphere.

The atmosphere is intimate, favoring meetings between couples, close friends and family.


In this Restaurant, Ceviche brings the flavors of the Peruvian Coast to the Andes. It gives a modern touch to the traditional Peruvian cevicheria, using only the freshest seafood and always with very local ingredients (some are presented in baskets as part of the beautiful and creative decor).

With a rustic atmosphere, the open kitchen arouses curiosity to see the preparation of the dishes. When you go, be sure to try one of the five types of ceviche (classic criollo, barrio, mixed, spicy and máncora), the best in Cusco. The decor is charming, all inspired by the maritime environment.


A place of excellence in terms of service, flavor and concept. Aimed at serving sustainable organic foods with incentives for small local producers, Nuna is exceptional and stands out from the rest of the restaurants located around Plaza de Armas. Light, tasty and fresh food. Restaurant only uses organic vegetables.

For vegetarians and vegans, Nuna Raymi is a great option, as most of its dishes can be adapted according to the customer’s preference without losing its traditional Peruvian taste.


The Restaurant is located in front of the famous San Blas Church, Pachapapa offers a rustic, cozy and traditional atmosphere. Their dishes are typical Cusco dishes, always boasting the mystical ideal of the Mother Earth power. An ideal well marked by the Inca culture of energetic and spiritualistic rituals.

Although traditional dishes, the food is served differently, resulting in a sophisticated, colorful and tasty cuisine.


A typical Peruvian restaurant, located next to Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, where waitresses are dressed in character and serve specialties with exclusive spices and Andean herbs. For its traditionality, it offers live Peruvian music, since lunchtime.

Salted lomo and alpaca meat strogonoff are the most popular dishes. But it also offers the most famous dishes in Peru, such as Ají de Galinha, Cuy (roasted) in the oven and Arroz com Pollo (rice with chicken).

That´s all, we hope you enjoyed this incredible restaurants in Cusco. Cusco and Peru has much more to show and to surprise you in a good way.

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