Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado: A Paradise in the Sacred Valley

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, make sure to visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a land full of mysteries, history, and ancient traditions that will surely leave you breathless. The Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado is one of the most luxurious accommodation options within this famous region. Immerse yourself in the everlasting energy of this Andean hideaway and let nature renovate you.

Visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas couldn’t be more exciting! If you’re planning to visit Cusco’s countryside, make sure to stay in the Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, located in the Urubamba valley at 46 km from the Imperial city.

A comforting and tranquil location awaits you. This famous lodging is surrounded by imposing mountains and the rumbling Urubamba river that feeds its dream-like gardens. Besides, the Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado offers different activities to explore the exuberant nature of these mystic lands.

Are you ready to be enchanted by the magic of the Cusco region? Learn more about this getaway destination uniqueness and the spellbinding features of this renowned hotel.


The Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado is thoughtfully designed as a rural Peruvian village that lets you experience the splendorous mountain life. The hotel has 11 suites, 10 rooms, and 2 villas, each of them positioned on a raised terrace that cascades down to the Urubamba river.

The interior is decorated with Andean and European ornaments combined with authentic alpaca fabrics and traditional-patterned designs. Also, each hideaway has private balconies that offer the best view of the Sacred Valley. Likewise, wood and stones create a peaceful environment that merges with the natural scenery of the region.

  • Garden Junior Suites: The sun makes its way through its floor-to-ceiling windows that face the expressiveness of the Urubamba valley. These suites are built to combine the surrounding nature with the interior. Besides, their private terraces offer a glance at the majesty of the nearby mountains.
  • Deluxe Terrace Rooms: Designed to offer a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility from the main entrance until its river-facing private balconies. Each room is as bright and vibrant as the landscape that surrounds it due to its spacious and airy spaces.
  • Villas: These two-story villas face a wildflower garden next to the Urubamba river. Each count with three large bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms, a full kitchen with a dining room, and a fireplace for true tranquility.

The authentic architecture and interior design of these accommodation options will captivate you. Each place is perfectly planned to provide a harmonic experience with the outstanding outdoors. It is worth mentioning that in-room televisions are not included, but you can request it on booking.

Hotel Facilities

The benefits of staying in this luxurious hotel are uncomparable. From its paradise gardens to the dazzling heated pool, indulge your desires, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of this lodging.

  • El Huerto Restaurant: Considered one of the best restaurants in Peru, combining the impeccable and delicious Peruvian gastronomy with international cuisine, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • El Huerto Bar: This is the option for those who want to try excellent wines and drinks, including pisco, the most traditional drink in Peru, with a pleasant view of the rumbling Urubamba river.
  • Mayu Willka Spa:It is the private spa of the Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, it has an incredible garden, and offers massage services, as well as Andean-style beauty treatments with local products.

In addition to the culinary delights, the beautiful gardens, and its soothing spa treatments, the hotel offers business meeting centers and 24-hour room service. As well as authentic outdoor expeditions through the majestic lands of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where riverside yoga classes, white water rafting, ancient Inca ceremonies, and horse riding activities will leave you spellbound.

Dare to discover this sacred region with authentic and exclusive experiences from day one until your eventual return home. We highly recommend you take a few days off in the Sacred Valley before venturing out to Machu Picchu. Learn more about our luxury packages while you’re here and uniquely uncover the secrets of Peru.

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