7 top destinations in Peru

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics, INEI, in 2019 Perú received 656,991 visitors from the US, 108,873 from France, 94,475 from Canada, 86,307 from Germany, and 71,322 from the UK. Due to the pandemic, these results decreased in 2020 and 2021, however, this year is projected to recover part of the previous […]

Beyond the 3 regions of Peru

We know that Machu Picchu is basically synonymous with Peru, being the first thing that many people think of when we talk about the lands of the Incas, but that does not mean that this is the only attraction to see in this country that is a gem in South America. With a privileged location, […]

Documents needed to enter Peru 2022

Organizing a trip can be a bit complex if you are not practiced with the situation, but don’t feel bad, as this is normal for anyone. There are many details to pay attention to, itinerary to define, and important information to keep and all this can get even more intense if your trip is to […]

5 Best Places to Shopping in Cusco

Do you think that Peru is a country just for visiting historical places? As the main tourist center of this country, Cusco reserves surprises that go beyond city tours through museums, churches, and archaeological sites. For those who enjoy shopping and taking home souvenirs from the visited place, Cusco has an infinity of souvenirs to […]

Discover the real Peruvian Gastronomy

We know that many travelers choose international travel to have an immersion experience in new cultures and social realities, to discover new places, and to make stories in countries completely different from the ones they live in, and all of this is incredible and provides experiences that will be remembered for life. all. But of […]

Casa Andina Premium Cusco Offers

The Casa Andina group highly recommended hotel options throughout its stay in Peru, but, without a doubt, Casa Andina de Cusco is one of the most surprising, as it is housed in a 17th-century building, located 5 minutes from the city’s incredible Plaza de Armas. The decoration will take you to the past, to the […]

The 10 Impressive Museums of Lima

We can consider that the whole of Peru is an open-air museum. This country is only very rich in millenary history and culture, that is, all the archeology found and preserved there is an interesting collection to be appreciated. Peruvian museums are also excellent places to learn more about these cultures, a precious material to […]