The 10 Impressive Museums of Lima

We can consider that the whole of Peru is an open-air museum. This country is only very rich in millenary history and culture, that is, all the archeology found and preserved there is an interesting collection to be appreciated. Peruvian museums are also excellent places to learn more about these cultures, a precious material to […]

Huaca Pucllana: history in Lima, Peru

There is a fact about Peru that is known worldwide: the strength of the ancient country of the Incas is the close contact with the millenary history of its people and their evolution. And this recognition is not by chance, since in each Peruvian destination there is always something attractive that takes its visitors on […]

Lima: The capital of Peru

You deserve to know this incredible destination, which brings together much of our country’s history in its historic center, which houses more than 600 important monuments; which comprises some of the best restaurants in the world offering the best Peruvian gastronomy experience; in addition to delivering the best adventures in the Pacific Ocean, which guarantees […]