The Ceviche: Peru’s National Dish

For us Peruvians, ceviche is more than just a meal. Ceviche is an ancient tradition, part of our rich culture, and our flagship dish to the world showing our culinary traditions. This seafood is made from fresh raw fish, cured in lime juice, and spiced with Peruvian chili peppers.  It is typically served with red […]

The Pisco and Pisco Route in Ica

In the heart of the Ica Valley, there’s a small village steeped in history and customs that holds the key to enjoying one of Peru’s proudest items: Pisco, and the drink named after it. If you’re coming to Peru,  or you’re a lover of culture and delicious drinks, undoubtedly you must try the Pisco in […]

Best trekking spots in the Peruvian Andes

Best trekking spots in the Peruvian Andes

From the coast to the highlands and rainforest, Peru is among the nations with the greatest natural diversity. Because of this, it is growing in popularity among thrill-seekers and vacationers worldwide.
The Andes in Peru are the tallest mountains outside Asia and the longest continental range globally. Peru is a top trekking spot because of its stunning landscapes, snowy mountains, and captivating trails.

Beyond the 3 regions of Peru

We know that Machu Picchu is basically synonymous with Peru, being the first thing that many people think of when we talk about the lands of the Incas, but that does not mean that this is the only attraction to see in this country that is a gem in South America. With a privileged location, […]