Discover the Colca Canyon in Peru

The ancient lands of the Incas keep true gems inside, housing some of the most fascinating places that can exist in the world, which impress for their majesty and grandeur, in addition to keeping in the detail some of the attractions that have become important around the world. Among these wonders found between the coast, […]

Colca Canyon and the Chivay region

Among a large number of fascinating destinations in Peru, we can sometimes overlook those that are not so obvious, but that certainly have a strong potential to delight their visitors. If you’ve been researching for a while about what to do in the ancient country of the Incas, you already know how extraordinary Peruvian lands […]

Arequipa: Peru’s White City


Peru is a country full of diversity with surprising destinations from north to south, offering a wide range of options for all visitors to fully immerse themselves in our culture, with Peruvian art, fabrics, handicrafts, and in the countless mysteries and fascinating facts that surround it. the history of our country. Among the many impressive […]