5 Best Places to Shopping in Cusco

Do you think that Peru is a country just for visiting historical places? As the main tourist center of this country, Cusco reserves surprises that go beyond city tours through museums, churches, and archaeological sites. For those who enjoy shopping and taking home souvenirs from the visited place, Cusco has an infinity of souvenirs to […]

Casa Andina Premium Cusco Offers

The Casa Andina group highly recommended hotel options throughout its stay in Peru, but, without a doubt, Casa Andina de Cusco is one of the most surprising, as it is housed in a 17th-century building, located 5 minutes from the city’s incredible Plaza de Armas. The decoration will take you to the past, to the […]

The 10 Impressive Museums of Lima

We can consider that the whole of Peru is an open-air museum. This country is only very rich in millenary history and culture, that is, all the archeology found and preserved there is an interesting collection to be appreciated. Peruvian museums are also excellent places to learn more about these cultures, a precious material to […]

Huaca Pucllana: history in Lima, Peru

There is a fact about Peru that is known worldwide: the strength of the ancient country of the Incas is the close contact with the millenary history of its people and their evolution. And this recognition is not by chance, since in each Peruvian destination there is always something attractive that takes its visitors on […]

Guide: Top 10 museums in Cusco

It is indisputable that one of the greatest destinations in Peru is the ancient Imperial City of the Incas, which we know today as the city of Cusco and the entire region around it. Many travelers come to this destination with one main dream: to know the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu. But before that, […]

Discover the Colca Canyon in Peru

The ancient lands of the Incas keep true gems inside, housing some of the most fascinating places that can exist in the world, which impress for their majesty and grandeur, in addition to keeping in the detail some of the attractions that have become important around the world. Among these wonders found between the coast, […]

Venture on the Lares Trek, Peru

Countless travelers arrive every year in Peruvian lands in search of the realization of dreams and unforgettable moments. We know that, of this large number of international and national tourists, many have a tireless adventurous spirit and are always looking for new emotions and stories to tell. As we said before, and we are always […]

Luxury in Aguas Calientes hotels in Peru

Among the most famous and sought-after destinations in Peru, it is possible to find some small towns and villages among the imposing Andes mountains that are home to scenarios full of charm and that bring curious travelers closer to the Peruvian people and culture, in more intimate experiences, since the tourist flow is done on […]