5 Best Places to Shopping in Cusco

Do you think that Peru is a country just for visiting historical places? As the main tourist center of this country, Cusco reserves surprises that go beyond city tours through museums, churches, and archaeological sites. For those who enjoy shopping and taking home souvenirs from the visited place, Cusco has an infinity of souvenirs to […]

Casa Andina Premium Cusco Offers

The Casa Andina group highly recommended hotel options throughout its stay in Peru, but, without a doubt, Casa Andina de Cusco is one of the most surprising, as it is housed in a 17th-century building, located 5 minutes from the city’s incredible Plaza de Armas. The decoration will take you to the past, to the […]

Guide: Top 10 museums in Cusco

It is indisputable that one of the greatest destinations in Peru is the ancient Imperial City of the Incas, which we know today as the city of Cusco and the entire region around it. Many travelers come to this destination with one main dream: to know the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu. But before that, […]

Cusco Tourist Ticket Guide 2022

Without a doubt, one of the stars when it comes to the most sought-after destinations in Peru is not only the city of Cusco but the entire region. One of the reasons for this to happen is because this is the place where Machu Picchu is located, the most visited tourist spot in all Peruvian […]

Trails in Peru: The Rainbow Mountain

When we are in our travel planning process, we always dream of discovering the most extraordinary places that the destination to which we are going can offer, whether they are historical monuments, restaurants, urban settings, or fascinating natural settings. And we cannot deny that Peru is a country full of activities and incredible places for […]

Discovering Cusco: the ancient capital of the Incas

Praça das Armas, Cusco

As you may already know, Peru is a country strongly marked by its millenary traditions that have crossed time and are present in the customs of the people, architecture, and archaeological records of different sizes and meanings. And one of the places that most represents the importance of South America culture in the city and […]

From Cusco to Puno: Route of the Sun, Peru

Traveling through Peru can go far beyond arriving in this historic country and visiting some of its main attractions, because in every corner of Peruvian land there is much more to discover, about our history, culture, and natural heritage. That’s why we always like to point out that, if you have time in your journey, […]