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Of all the destinations we find in Peru, Paracas can be one of the most wonderful in South America, as it has impressive natural scenarios that mix ecosystems and harbor an enchanting biodiversity, being home to some of the most charismatic species of marine life you will ever see.

The location is in the region of Ica, through the pacific coast, about 3 hours from Lima to Paracas, being a perfect tour for those travelers looking to escape a little from all the hustle and bustle of the urban area, as you will find a small village, which is the starting point for all adventures in the region.

In case you didn’t know, Paracas has become a fascinating place, because, in addition to everything that has already been mentioned, it is still the place where the Peruvian desert and coast meet, forming landscapes, but that blend into landscapes.

And the charm of this destination does not end there, as in addition to Paracas having the first conservation unit in Peru, it also has archaeological sites in which it is possible to find some artifacts reminiscent of the culture that gave the area its name, a pre-Inca people who left a legacy for these lands.

Here we decided to present to you a little about the tourist attractions of Paracas and ideas of destinations to visit in the surroundings of the region that, in advance, are home to some of the main natural and historical wonders of the entire country. Paracas is a destination that allows the experiences of dreams to become reality. So don’t stop till you’re proud of it!

Things to do in Paracas

As we said earlier, Paracas has some attractions that are capable of enchanting you at first sight. All the visual appeal of this destination is the work of nature, which is a great artist and creator, and all this can be explored and rediscovered by you in incredible and responsible tours of the region. Here we list the main attractions to be enchanted with us!

Reserva Nacional de Paracas

O Candelabro em Paracas - Peru

The Paracas National Reserve is the most unmissable attraction in the region, without a doubt, because in addition to being a place with incredible scenery, it also houses historical places and points and provides unparalleled adventures, with direct encounters with the giant biodiversity of the reserve and with animals you could never imagine.

This Peruvian conservation unit is considered one of the first in the country, it was established on September 25, 1975, that is, it is already about 47 years old and was created to protect and preserve much of the biodiversity of the coast of Peru, which is very valuable. And it is these characteristics that attract thousands of tourists to this destination every year.

In addition to life in its natural forms, it is also possible to find fragments of life through history in this region, which was inhabited by both the Paracas hotels and the Topanga culture, which left some archaeological sites that can still be visited today.

The great explorer of the area was the well-known  Julio C. Tello, who found objects such as fabrics and other utensils used daily by these peoples hidden in the sands that cover the region. Currently, some of these findings can be seen in the museum that honors the researcher, the Julio C. Tello Museum.

In all, the reserve has 3,350 km² and more than 300 species of animals that await you and shelter charming places, such as Playa La Mina or Yumaque, Playa Roja, which receives a large number of visits due to the curious color of the sand, in addition to other points that reveal some enigmas of the region, such as the glyph of ‘El Candelabro’, or the rock called ‘La Catedral’.

Ballestas Islands

Certainly, this is the highlight of tours in Paracas, as the islas Ballestas offer unmissable experiences in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here it is possible to find a wealth of marine fauna that, not for nothing, has given this group of islands in front of the Paracas National Reserve the nickname ‘Little Peruvian Galápagos’.

On boat trip to the Ballestas Islands, you will have the opportunity to observe animals such as Humboldt penguins, some dolphins along the way – if you are lucky enough -, exotic birds, but above all, one of the encounters that will leave you the most jaw-dropping is to see up close one of the largest colonies of sea lions on the coast of Peru.

Have you ever thought about swimming with them? Well, that is also possible! And this can be an amazing experience at first, but it will gradually become something enchanting and remarkable, like a moment of total harmony between you and nature.

Tambo Colorado

For history lovers, here it is possible to see, from another angle, new fragments of how ancient Peruvian cultures inhabited these lands. In Paracas, you will find the Tambo Colorado, an archaeological site identified as belonging to the 15th century and which was integrated into the Inca Empire, during the government of Tupac Yupanqui, where you can observe the nuances of the place.

It is believed that Tambo Colorado had its functions divided into an administrative, residential, economic, and religious center, which would have been inhabited, before the arrival of the Incas, by the Chincha culture, which had influences from the Wari civilization.

The surroundings of Paracas

The show must go on! For those who want to make the most of it, it is interesting to remember that you will be in the Ica region and the small town will be just a few kilometers away. In this opportunity, you will be able to enjoy great moments in the middle of the Peruvian desert.

Ica is home to one of the most interesting attractions not only in Peru but also in the entire continent, as it is home to a unique work of nature here: the Huacachina Oasis, the only natural oasis on the continent.

Amid giant dunes, which form incredible scenarios, it is possible to take a buggy and sandboarding tour to fill the experience on-site with adrenaline and fun. On this tour, the dunes will become true roller coasters and the perfect place to surf the sand with sandboards.

We always like to emphasize that Peru is a country with a lot of diversity, full of activities for all tastes: from the most adventurous to those who just want to relax; from children to the elderly… Everything is possible in the ancient land of the Incas!

Therefore, taking advantage of your passage through the southern region, we recommend that you think about exploring the nearby attractions even more, such as Nazca, for example. That’s why we present to you in more detail the destinations in southern Peru for you to plan your ideal journey!

Did you enjoy it? Don’t leave the chance to visit Paracas. We have a team of experts fully prepared to serve you and build, according to your interests, the long-awaited experience in our lands, so contact us!

We are very proud to show every detail of our country to our customers and to make everything even more magical, we offer top-quality services! Don’t miss out on our Peru travel packages and see for yourself the charms of Paracas and many other Peruvian destinations!

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