Things to Do in Moray Peru

For those traveling to Cusco, you must know that there are so many things to do and to visit. The region offers several historical and natural attractions that you should definitely know about and on this occasion, we’ll talk about some of the most exciting activities within the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

If you’ve been reading about this famous valley, then you may know about the imposing archeological sites in the area, including Maras and Moray. Two neighboring pre-Columbian monuments that comprise the evolutionary agricultural process of the ancient Peruvians.

In case you didn’t know, Moray is an archaeological complex composed of 3 groups of circular terraces that served as an agricultural experimentation center during Inca times. Whilst the Maras Salt Mines are traced back long before the Incas and are currently worked on by local families.

Besides that, there are different ways to explore these perfect examples of ancient hydraulic engineering, and here we’ll tell you everything about them so you can plan the perfect adventure through the Sacred Valley.

1. Get to know the Moray Archaeological Site theories

As we mentioned before, the agricultural terraces of Moray are widely known as an Inca agricultural laboratory since each terrace offers different microclimates allowing them to experiment with different crops and plant species. 

However, this is just a theory since the site was already abandoned when the Spaniards arrived to Peruvian lands, which means that there are no records that can help us decipher what their real purpose was.

The renowned anthropologist John Earls believed that Moray was used as an experimental farm over 500 years ago since it comprises a complex irrigation system and also noticed a significant temperature difference that ranged in 12°C from top to bottom.

Likewise, there are other hypotheses that claim that the archeological site could have been a ceremonial center though it is very unlikely due to its location since it is quite far from the Imperial City of Cusco.

Some other theories say that it could have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing site, and as wild as it might seem, it has been also said about the Nazca Lines before. But, we’ll leave it up to you, visit it and make sure to capture every detail of this archaeological complex.

2. Take an ATV quad bike tour 

In case you’re looking for a more adrenaline-packed adventure instead of taking the regular Maras & Moray Tour, there’s an activity that will suit you better. The ATV Quad Bike Tour will take you through the awe-inspiring scenery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas while also getting you to the Maras Salt Mines and the Moray Archaeological Site.

This amazing experience will allow you to take in the natural setting of the Cusco region more intimately and in a much more exciting way. The quad biking circuit takes about 4 hours to complete from Maras town.

On this occasion, you’ll get to visit the Huaypo Lagoon, a beautiful water body located at 3,507 meters above sea level, surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains and an evergreen valley. Following the itinerary, you’ll get to know everything about the Inca terraces of Moray, to later visit the nearly 4,000 salt mines of Maras.

Cusco is the most complete travel destination in Peru, with attractions and adventures for all ages and sizes. If you wish to join the ATV Quad Bike Tour to Maras and Moray, make sure to contact our team while you’re here.

3. Visit the Maras Salt Mines

As we mentioned above, the Maras Salt Mines have been there long before the Incas conquered the Cusqueñan lands. It is believed that they were built by the Huari culture, which developed between 500 and 1100 A.D. and impressively have been worked on ever since.

However, it is uncertain to know if that theory is accurate though one thing is sure and it’s that they have been improved over time, to the point that now it grew to have over 3,000 salt mines. Thereby, it has been a tradition passed by generations until the current date.

Each salt pond has an area of approximately 5 m2 and can produce up to 200 kg of salt per month. The salt mines are produced by local families only and each of them own up to five wells.

The salt of Maras has many benefits thanks to its mineral-rich composition. It has been used for treating skin conditions and swelling, besides being the perfect seasoning for people that suffer from hypertension.

If you wish to visit this attraction, remember that you can do so by taking a tour to Maras and Moray. Either you take a regular excursion or an ATV quad bike activity, you’ll have an exceptional experience!

4. Eat at the Mil Centro Restaurant

If you’re eager to experience the best of the Peruvian gastronomy during your trip to Peru, then you surely have heard of the renowned chef Virgilio Martinez, owner of the Central Restaurant in Lima.

Virgilio Martinez has a famous restaurant chain that spreads all around the globe and Peru itself. Mil Centro is one of the most renowned restaurants in the Sacred Valley thanks to its authentic Andean gastronomic experience and for being ranked as the 36th of Latin America’s Top 50 Restaurants.

Mil Centro offers a bold gastronomic concept, embracing Andean flavors and freshly cultivated ingredients from their own farm. This restaurant is the perfect dining experience in the Sacred Valley, make sure to give it a try!

Besides, it is located just next to the Moray Archeological Site. So, if your tour to this inca ruins finishes around lunch time, then you should definitely indulge yourself with the best of the Andean gastronomy.

5. Take a horseback ride through the valley

For those looking for a more intimate and special connection with nature, you should take a horseback riding tour to Maras and Moray. That way, you’ll get to experience even more off-the-beaten-track attractions and some of the most visually striking sceneries of the region.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas offers the perfect setting for these types of adventures! Besides, you’ll surely be captivated by the natural landscapes of the region as well as for the extensive cultural expression and history of the place.

Here at Viagens Machu Picchu, we want you to have all the options possible so you can plan the perfect trip to Peru. If you would like assistance, remember that we are just a click away!

For more information about the different things to do in Peru, check our travel packages and start planning your dream vacations with us.

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