What to do in Paracas Tips and Informations

When you think about the awesome places in Peru, hardly Paracas would come to your mind, that´s why you need to know this place and be amazed by all that this region has to offer.

As you can see, it is still little known spot, and it is normal that you do not know much information about Paracas and the National Reserve, and that is why we´re writing this article, to help you plan your trip and show how this is another special Peruvian touristic spot.

Paracas is a little town located in the southern Peru, 260 kilometers away from Lima, the peruvian Capital, being about four hours by bus or tour van. To get to Paracas, you can also take a bus from Ica, or if you are in another city, there are buses from more distant places like Cusco and Arequipa.

Located in a desert and coastal region, whit natural beauties and rich fauna and flora, this is the gateway for tours to the amazing Paracas National Reserve and many other tourist attractions.

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve is an area protected by ANP (Natural Protected Areas), a Peruvian entity that preserves natural spaces, being the main reserve in the country, housing an uncountable number of animals and covering an area equivalent to 335 thousand hectares.

Here it is possible to observe the native fauna, enjoy the landscape in viewpoints along the way and admire this unique contrast between the Pacific Ocean and the Peruvian desert. In addition to the great biological diversity, it´s possible to appreciate several archaeological sites of the pre-Inca Paracas culture, which settled in a large part of the reserve  Simply a mandatory place!

Ballestas Islands

An unmissable place inside the Paracas National Reserve, the Ballestas Islands are a group of small islands with a lot animal life. Get ready to see cute Humboldt penguins, dolphins, sea lions and several birds that stops at the rocks and are there to procreate. Altogether there are more than 200 species that live there and that make up the scenery of unbelievable beauty.

Also on this tour you will be able to see the mysterious figure of the chandelier, an incredible geoglyph that is one of the symbols of the place, 70 meters long and 54 meter wide. There are several theories that try to explain the origin of the chandelier, the most likely being that it was created by the ancient Paracas civilization.

Buggy and Sandboard

Another option for those who like adrenaline: take a buggy ride through the Paracas dunes, which can be combined with sandboarding. It´s not just a contemplative walk through the dunes, which are really beautiful, it´s more like a roller coaster, with all the speed in the ascents and descents on the sand. Halfway through the tour, you can stop for photos at the top of one of the dunes. Then it’s time to grab a board and eat sand and play sandboard. Fun is guaranteed.

We hope you like the information and everything you saw here, certainly Paracas and the region around will surprise you. Be sure to visit this place of unique beauty in the world when traveling to Peru. To see more information and details of this Peru travel package, visit our website and find out how the day-to-day itinerary works, everything included and the values.

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