What to do for the New Year in Peru?

The New Year´s Eve is getting close, a little more than a month to this important day. Have you already thought spending the new year´s eve in Peru? There is still time to make this experience come true, we can help you with everything and make you be in Cusco, Arequipa  os Lima in the first day of 2021.

If you have the opportunity come to Peru in this period, you have plenty of options to choose, we can show some of them, and guarantee, no matter how you want to spend your day/night, Peru wii have something incredible for your celebration.

The new year´s eve in Peru has some common traditions, such as the huge fireworks show at midnight, however each city or region has it´s own characteristics, let´s see some of them:


The Peruvian Capital, if you like big cities, is the right place, there are going to be some awesome parties. The traditional fireworks show is spread across the city, but mainly in the famous Miraflores neighborhood, close to Miraflores Central Park, people will take the streets to hang out and celebrate the New Year.

The parties in Lima take place in the clubs, hotels, restaurants and bars. For those who want this kind of fun, there are some hotels and restaurants that organizes parties for the New Year´s Eve. We have two tips for you, the first one is the Hilton Hotel, which offers 3 different parties – The Rooftop Terrace, Huascaran Ballroom and Gala Dinner -, and the second is the restaurant La Rosa Nautica, situated on a pier about fifteen feet above the Pacific Ocean, one of the Lima´s most famous restaurants.


Arequipa is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Peru, if you are there in the last day of the year, certainly you´ll spend a nice day. Our suggestion is that you can enjoy the day going to the Canyon Colca, one of the largest canyons in the world, and at the night, go to a party in the beautiful Plaza de Armas, where everyone will be wearing the traditional white clothes. Another option can be a good bar or restaurant, a good place is Ascai 360, close to the Plaza de Armas with a great view of the roof top, delicious food and drinks.


Here, the main tradition is to dress in yellow (the color that will be spread throughout the city and that represents change and rebirth, used by the Incas, representing the god sun), and go to the Plaza the Armas, the main square in the city, where there are huge fireworks, free shows and presentations, with a lot music, fun and people from all over the world.

Cusco is by far the craziest party city in Peru and New Year’s Eve isn’t an exception, we are sure that you will like to go to the famous Mama Africa dance club, or to Mythology, a funny bar and dance club that mix locals and tourists.

Oh, it will be nice to see, that when the clock strikes midnight, the Peruvian go around in counterclockwise circles around the fountain in the main square. They believe that by doing at least 7 circles, they will get luck and fortune for the new year.

After enjoying the parties, it´s time to start the year knowing the other awesome things in Peru, such as The Incas Sacred Valley or the tour to the famous Machu Picchu. Come spend the holidays in Peru, you´ll not regret. There is so much to see in Peru, get in touch with us and you´re ready to begin planning your trip.

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