Trujillo: A Destination not so Demanded by The Tourists

Certainly you´ve already heard about Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima and Arequipa, right? These are the most common travel destinations in Peru, the most demanded for the tourists. But today, in this post, we´ll show a special destination, really beautiful and charming, but that only few people know. We are sure that this place that you´ll know now, will surprise you and make you want to set up an alternative itinerary and take the next flight to Peru. Let´s go?


Trujillo is located in the north of Peru, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in one point and by the huge Peruvian Amazon Forest in the other. This is a city full of thistory, is a little travel to past, because it was the cradle of great pre-Inca civilizations, more specifically, the Chimu culture and Mocchia culture.

Despite of it´s importance, just few people know the friendly and charming of Trujillo. This city offers a complete experience of immersion in the country´s culture: it has so many archaeological sites from the ancient civilizations that lived there, an excelente cuisine, as well as the whole Peru, an extremely rich culture, being dance one of Trujillo´s trademark, more specific the Marinera dance.

Our tip of tours you should do in Trujillo are:

Chan Chan archaeological site

Is the largest clay city in the world, considered as a humanity´s cultural heritage, has a spetacular architecture and a lot of history. It´s a huge place where you can see the vestiges of these admirable pre-Inca culture.

Huaca del Sol e Huaca de la Luna complex

Monuments of the ancient Moche civilization, where you´ll be able to see 2 large pyramidal structures tha dominates the landscape. Huaca del Sol was the most influential religious center of Mochica culture and Huaca de la Luna, formed by several overlapping platforms, decorated with paintings and high reliefs with the main characters of Mochica iconography, fishin.

Huanchaco Beach

The most important beach in Trujillo´s city, a beautiful landscape in the Pacific Ocean. One of it´s great attractions is the “caballitos de totora” (litlle totora horses), a specie of boats made of reeds. There you also can find some good restaurants with typical Peruvian dishes.

Marinera Dance

One of the most typical and beautiful dance from the North of Peru. It´s the result of the mix of civilizations, from natives and colonizers. Full of beautiful and complex movements, the dance express movements similar to the waves. If you are lucky to be in Peru in january, it´s possible to enjoy the National Marinera Festival.

These are our top tips, but there´s so much more things to do and know in Trujillo, such as the plaza de armas, museums, churchs, restaurants,and more that you can check in our website. We hope you enjoyed this incredible travel tips. Peru has much more to show than Cusco and Machu Picchu, we desire that more and more people explore the country in a unique and differen way, to customize an unusual travel itinerary get in touch with our specialist team.

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