The Peruvian Cuisine Will Conquer You

What is the most delicious cuisine in the world? Most of people may think about the French or the Italian. That´s why Peru has broken some paradigms, because its cuisine is now one of the most impressive in the world and continues to grow. Peru share the tourist preference in gastronomy. Everyone knows the most famous Peruvian wonders, and its gastronomy has gained the highest culinary level and conquered the world. Constantly growing, a lot of Peruvian restaurants are among the best in the world, well ranked in the famous Michelin Guide.

If you are a food fanatic and search for an incredible gastronomic itinerary, Peru should be your first choice. Lima, the peruvian capital, is also known as the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America, with famous restaurants and some of the best chefs in the world.

Part of the Peruvian cuisine success is from the big cultural influence that the country received, its a big fusion from the ancient pre-Incas and Incas, with some cultures from japonese, chinese, spanish, italian, african. This is one of the reasons that chefs from all over the world are paying attention to the Peruvian gastronomy and to what is being created in the country. The attention increases between September and October, when the largest Gastronomic Fair in Latin America happens, the MISTURA FESTIVAL.


Mistura is an annual food festival where thousands of people come together to celebrate the country’s cuisine and diversity. It happens in Lima, in early September every year and usually last 10 days. In this famous festival there are more than 350 producers from all over the country, more than 50 restaurants, foodtrucks, street vendors, and much more. There are also competitions, art, music.

It is a foodie’s dream as it showcases the best of Peru’s many regional cuisines at very reasonable prices. There are foods and drinks for all states and pockets. Within all this diversity, there are some typical dishes that you really need to eat, they are essential to a complete peruvian experience.


1: Ceviche

One the most famous Peruvian food, and it´s delicious. It´s basically raw fish and seafood marinated in citrus juice, mainly lime and lemon juice, spiced with chili peppers and other ingredients, such as red onions, salt and coriander. It´s served cold or at room temperature. The freshest ingredients make all the difference in this fish ceviche classic. A really refreshing food and easy to find, you should try.

2: Cuy

There is a little taboo (for some people) here. This dish is considered a delicacy in Peru and is one of the more interesting dishes. Cuy is the Peruvian word for Guinea Pig, but don´t associate with a pet. Maybe looks like a strange dish but it is definitely a must try Peruvian dish. Normally Cuy is barbequed and served whole including the head or can be found the whole animal stuffed with local herbs, then roasted it over an open wood fire and serving it with potatoes. The meat is fairly chewy and gamy.

4: Lomo Saltado

Some Chinese influence in this dish. Slices of marinated beef with vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes and hot peppers fried all together. To complete this delicious food, they are served with rice and french fries.  It may look like simple meal, but all the flavors togheters make it incredible.

5: Anticuchos

A typical terrific street food. Anticuchos are basically Peruvian skewers cubes of beef (the original is withbeef heart) slowly grilled over an open flame, served with potatoes, native corn and a tasty sauce. This is one of the most delicious foods served on the street.

You´ve talked about just 4 typical dishes, to give you some tips, but there so many others that should try. This diversity of dishes shows how rich is the Peruvian cuisine, a lot of different styles, flavors and food, you can´t miss that, can´t you?

Well, certainly now you have one more reason (a tasty one)  to plan your trip to Peru and Machu Picchu. If you need help to plan your itinerary, just get in touch with Viagens Machu Picchu, we have exactly what you need.

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