The Charming Colca Valley

Peru is full of remote, practically unexplored villages, ancient cities, immense archaeological sites, fascinating nature, big mysteries and surrounding culture. And that is exactly why, each part of this territory brings something that special for you to fall in love.

One of these places is the Colca Valley, the valley has been formed partly as a result of a huge opening up in the earth’s crust but mostly by millions of years of erosion caused by the Colca river. The whole valley is almost 100 kilometers long, with a breathtaking nature and a geography of the most fascinating landscapes on the planet. Its huge walls embrace the whole valley and the Colca River harmoniously.

The Colca Valley in Peru is part of 14 villages, Chivay being the main one, 40 km away. But, the base city for those who want to explore the region is Arequipa, 162 km away from the valley. To give you an idea of ​​distances, Arequipa is 500 km from Cusco. There are flights lasting 45 minutes to travel this route. By bus or car, the journey lasts 10 hours.

How you can see, this is an incredible attraction and a mandatory one for those who goes to Peru, with deserts, canyons, rivers, thermal waters, wildlife and native birds, such as the impressive Condor.

The Condor and the Colca Canyon

This is the second deepest canyon in the world, with 4.160 meters of depth, it´s twice as deep as the famous Grand Canyon (1.600 meters), and it´s really impressive for its magnitude and beauty. It´s a great opportunity to experience the Andean culture and the wildlife.

The Colca Canyon in Peru is also famous for being the home of the Andean Condor, a huge and elegant bird, is the largest flying bird in the world, the third largest wingspan, with 3.3 meters. It´s a sacred animal, a representative figure of the spiritual gods from the sky, by the Inca civilization.

The “Cruz del Condor” (Condor´s Cross) viewpoint is the most popular spot, where you can appreciate the valley in all its splendor, and it is a strategic point to observe several Condors, that live in the wide walls of the canyon, taking flight.

The viewpoint is at an altitude of 3,320 meters and anyone who wants to have more chances see the Condors should plan to be there in the morning, as the birds usually appear between 8 am and 9:30 am, an unique opportunity.

Certainly, you are already dreaming about being in this impressive place and living this experience. However, we need to tell you a good thing, there is a lot more acitivities in the Colca Valley region, like termal baths, zipe line, trekking, moutain biking, camping, and much more.

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