Surf Trip to Peru | Know Where and When to go

Probably every surfer has spent hours watching images of perfect waves in paradisiacal places. And the moment you want to experience it all, you realize that is necessary to decide the destination. We have a suggestion: Peru. This amazing country is world famous because of Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca´s city, however it has a beautiful and extensive coastline, perfect for surfing.

A trip along the Peruvian coast, facing the Pacific Ocean, for example, can be just as extraordinary as any other region in that country full of secrets, cultures and unforgettable landscapes. Peruvian coast is also loaded with stories of ancient civilizations, surf points, tourist attractions, ancient customs, gastronomy and much more.

Peru is located in a privileged geographical position, there are almost 3,000 km of coastline and receives waves all over the year. The country has a tradition in the sport and several renowned names have already made history there, like Felipe Pomar, in the 1970s.

It´s important to know that, despite of receiving waves throughout the year, each region has a period when the waves reach their peak, as you can see below, do not forget to know the best destinations in Peru.

Probably every surfer has spent hours watching images of perfect waves in paradisiacal places

North Region

You can find the better waves between the months of November to March, when the region receives good waves from the north and with weaker winds. The best places to surf are Lobitos, Los Organos, Mancora, Cabo Blanco and Panic Point.

Central Region

Waves with largest size and intensity are found in the winter, between the months of May to August. The main points are Chicama and Pacasmayo, where you will find the longest lefts in the world. There is also another great options for surf, such as Punta Rocas and La Isla.

South Region

In this region of Peru you´ll see the biggest waves in the country, mainly in the the months of May and June, but all over the year there are great waves, be prepared for the cold waters. You can find amazing options to surf in Punta Hermosa, Señoritas, Pico Alto, Kontiki, and the most famous Boca Del Rio and Chocalla.

Our last tip is: enjoy your time in Peruvian lands to surf a lot, but also to know the greatest attractions in the country, like Machu Picchu, Huacachina Oasis, Paracas, Arequipa, and much more. Get in touch with our team and visit our site, we can customize your travel packages to Peru, for you to make the most fo your time.

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