Museums to Know in Lima

A country rich in culture, mysteries and history, Peru is a live museum for itself, but it also has  plenty of good options for museums, which portray, through ancient and impressive pieces, the characteristics and customs of ancient civilizations. In the Peruvian capital, among many tourist attractions in the city, there are several museums that are mandatory to know.

Anyone who thinks that Lima’s museums are not good tourist attractions is making a huge mistake. The capital of Peru has  interesting cultural collections, small galleries and large museums. In this post, we show you three great options for museums in Lima, so you can learn a little more about the ancient and interesting peruvian history.

Museo Larco – Larco Museum

This is one of the most important museums in Peru, founded by the researcher Rafael Larco, a studious of archeology who gathered a rich collection on the history of his country. The whole museum portrays the history of Peruvian territory between the years 8000 BC and 1532 AD, that is, the entire period before the arrival of the Spanish.

The museum’s collection has about 45,000 rare works and pieces exhibited in chronological ways, faithfully telling the history of Peru. In the exhibition, it is possible to observe archaeological textile, ceramic and metal articles. It also has many jewels, war artifacts and tools. The museum is housed in an 18th century building surrounded by gardens, which are an attraction in itself, it´s a mandatory place.

Museo del Oro – Gold Museum

This amazing Museum is an archaeological and military museum located in the Santiago de Surco district of Lima. It was founded by Miguel Mujica Gallo and started with his private collection to prevent pieces of history from leaving the country.

In the gold part of the museum, you will be amazed by the refined collection that they preserve there. These are the stories of ancient civilizations of Peru, such as Moche, Sipan, Mochica, Lambayeque and Chimu, who lived in Peru between the 4th and 15th centuries AD, long before the Incas. There are exhibitions of hundreds of pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, hats, earrings, rings and other accessories and ornaments that were found in the tombs of the great leaders of these ancient civilizations. It also has ceremonial objects, funerary masks, jugs, glasses and knives.

In the other part, you´ll find the largest collection of weapons in South America, with about 20.000 examples of them. The weapons part includes the entire history of the object and its different forms from the beginning until reaching what we know today, going through weapons made of stone, bone, wood, arriving in beautiful and detailed swords and ancient revolvers.

Basically, the museum tells the history of Peru through the relationship of its people with gold. It is quite interesting.

Museo de Arte de Lima – Museum of Art in Lima

The museum is huge and incredible, with approximately 4,500 square meters of exhibition area, the Museum of Art in Lima has one of the largest and most complete, there are collections from the most varied periods of Peruvian history. Among its rooms, there are permanent exhibitions of pre-Columbian art, with ceramic, silver, wood, stone, gold and even textiles artifacts, dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. The other galleries hold collections of different artistic languages, such as photographs, paintings and contemporary art.

There are also rooms with the most recent and modern exhibitions, always being updated. In 2014, MALI launched a virtual collection and expanded the access.

As you could see, Lima has a lot o attractions and interestings things to know, it´s a unmissable destination, that is necessary to be in your travel itinerary to Peru.

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