Moray, A Magic Place

Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, there is the incredible archaeological site of Moray, a place with agricultural terraces that, at first glance, look like amphitheaters, a show of  the advanced Inca engineering.

The researchers say that these concentric terraces were built by the Incas as an agricultural laboratory. Each of its terraces has its own microclimate, according to the depth at which it is found. This difference determines the best conditions for the cultivation, resulting in a more qualified product.

In total, there are 3 circular complexes that are really famous. In the largest of them, there are 12 terraces overlapping in a circular shape, with a depth of 100 meters. They were designed and built on stone walls, with fertile land and irrigated by a system of rainwater.

This unbelievable Incas project, the archaeological site of Moray, is located 7 km from the city of Maras, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where the famous salt pans are also located, and 50km from Cusco. The altitude is high, almost 3.800 meters above sea level, thats why is necessary a good acclimatization.

As you can see, this is an amazing place, full of culture and history of the ancient Inca civilization.

What to see in Moray

When you are there, it is possible to reach the base terrace to perceive its grandeur, beauty and dynamic climate, considering the central platform, the warmest and most humid, with about 20 ° C, while in the first one you reach the maximum at 15 ° C.

When you walk through them you begin to understand the dimension and the reasons for its projection in this format. You can do it by going around each platform, observing details of this impressive construction through mountains, until you reach the last terrace and enjoy all the beauty of the landscape

Moray is visually beautiful for human eyes and, of course, in front of a camera lens, an opportunity for amazing photos and a to save a memory for life.

If you like a little adventure, there are tours to the Moray platforms that include adventure biking or even quad biking, it is an exciting way to contemplate this beautiful place.

If you plan to visit Peru and Moray between the months of September and October, you can have a great surprise and participate in a traditional celebration. Moray Raymi, the Moray´s folk festival, takes place in these months, this tradition is carried out by the villages closest to the Moray archaeological site, to celebrate the good land, production and crops of this fertile soil. The festivity is the time to celebrate with lots of food, songs and typical dances, a great opportunity to live the local customs.

Close to the archaeological site of Moray, you also can find the famous Maras salt pans, another amazing spot to visit. If you are interested visiting these places, get in touch with us and explore our website to see the travel packages to Peru we have prepared for you.

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