Huacachina Oasis | Calm and Adrenaline in the Desert

Huacachina is a small oasis and the only oasis in South America. It´s located in Southern Peru, just outside the Ica city and just 5 hours from Lima. Surrounded by giant sand dunes, a small lake creates one of the most beautiful landscapes of Peru, a wonderful attraction of the Peruvian desert.

The Ica desert is one of the driest in the world, believe, it´s drier than the Saara desert. If you are walking in this desert and see  far away something bright and green, do not be surprised, but also do not think you are crazy and seeing a mirage, this is the amazing Huacachina Oasis.

Surrounded by sun, sand and huge dunes rises Huacachina, with a beautiful and unbelivable lake and a small village, full of charm and prettines. The village was built around the lake and almost 100 people live there, working with tourism. You´ll be surprised by the great tourist structure in this Oasis, with hotels, restaurants and small stores to enjoy.

Around the Huacachina Oasis are the biggest sand dunes in the continent, this is a mandatory place when traveling Peru! It’s the perfect place to relax or do the famous sandboarding and dune buggy tour, or enjoy other variety of tours that are available.


We´ve already talked about the giant dunes around the Oasis, right? So you can imagine how many crazy things you can do, using the dunes as your playing field. There are plenty of options to raise the adrenaline level and venture out there.

First you can show your skills on the board and fly down the sandy dunes, make some jumps and tricks, but prepare yourself to an exciting experience and sometimes to get full of sand if you have a rough landing. We are sure you´ll end loving the sandboarding experience.

If you don´t get used to sandboarding, why not try bodyboarding? You can really pick up some fun and speed going this way down those dunes. We suggest that you use sunglasses and keep your mouth shut, because all the sand you´ll see ahead of the board.

Wanting a litlle more fun? The unmissable thing to do in Huacachina is to take a buggy ride to the top of the sand dunes, wiche gives you amazing views of the surrounding deserts while enjoying a fast and exhilarating adventure that feels like a roller coaster. The Drivers don’t hold back, speeding straight up the dunes at exciting high speeds, at times balancing the buggies on two wheels to really get the heart racing. You’ll fly up and down the sand, screaming with every turn. Fun is guaranteed here.


After all this fun and adrenaline, it´s time to relax and have some calm hours. Now you can climb to the top of the dune and watch an incredible desert sunset, you´ll be surprised by the beauty. It´s a stunning view as the sun dips down behind the dunes, the view is simply unforgettable. A perfect time to take some wonderful pictures to always remember this moment.

The Huacachina Oasis is also a great place to rest, tranquility empires in the village, spending the night in a good hotel, you´ll have the benefit from the serenity that prevails there, a great place for those who want to escape the noise and mess from the big cities.

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