Different Restaurants in Lima

The Peruvian Cuisine has conquered the world, with it´s varieties of vegetables, legumes, fish, fruits and typicals products that are only found in the country, associated with some influence of italian, spanish, african, chinese and japanese, Peru has an incredible and unique cuisine. Every city in Peru has it´s own delicious characteristics, but Lima is the most recognized, it has the title of Gastronomic Capital of Latin America, and is among the best gastronomic cities in the world, with a lot of good options. The are a lot Lima restaurants with Michelin stars and among the World´s 50 best restaurants.

Among all the great options, in this post we´ll show you 4 different restaurants in Lima, that we are sure you´ll enjoy and have one of the most delicious meals of your life.

Osso Carnicería y Salumería

Chef Renzo Garibaldi’s restaurant is a sustainable steakhouse, with artisan dishes of steaks, sausages, hamburgers and more. It also works as a butcher shop. Here you´ll find tasty cuts, prepared to perfection and with simple accompaniments that only emphasize the quality of the meat consumed.  The Chef believes that is necessary to connect with what we´re eating and that´s why is suggested to eat with your hands, if you want. In a country where the main dish is ceviche, reaching the level reached by OSSO, an exclusive meat restaurant, is an unprecedented feat.

Pescados Capitales

This is the ideal place for those who love the typical and fresh peruvian fish, it presents several varieties of ceviches and dishes made with fish and seafood, in addition to using different types of Peruvian potatoes and corn. The amazing thing is that the most of its foods are 100% free of monosodium glutamate and 70% free of gluten, using few flours, sugars and salt.

Ámaz Restaurante

Inspired by the delicious Amazonian diversity, focused in fresh and traditional ingredients from the forest, Ámaz and chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino propose an immersion in the flavors that come from the largest tropical forest in the world. You will have the chance to try dishes that, at first glance, sound excessively exotic, but which, once tasted, turn out to be wonders of Peruvian cuisine. Even the drink menu offers an amazing variety of rare and unkown fruits from the Amazon Forest.

El AlmaZén Cocina Orgánica

This is a charming restaurant and a great option for vegetarians, not so demanded by the tourist, it offers organic, healthy and vegetarian food. It has two floors, on the first floor is the restaurante and on the top floor there is a coffee shop and a tent with the products they sell. Certainly you´ll have a very pleasant experience. Did you like the post? If you are a food fanatic and love gastronomy, you need to know our gastronomy packages and enjoy everything the peruvian cuisine has to offer. To read more about the amazing peruvian food, just go to our blog.

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