Advantages of Hiring a Local Travel Agency in Peru

There is nothing better than making the trip fo your dreams, rigth? But, first of all it is necessary to start planning, define each detail, research about the chosen destination, the best dates, among a lot of things.

However, you don´t need to do everything alone and deal with all the doubts that will arise. To help you with the decisions, it is very important that you have a travel agency that assists you in this process, from choosing the itinerary to boarding, so you don’t have to worry  and can enjoy every moment.

Hiring a local travel agency in Peru, the tourist guarantees tranquility and security for the entire trip. This is because the specialized consultants are professionals prepared to indicate the best packages for each profile of a person or group, that can include accommodation, airline tickets, transportation, tours and services for all the needs of the traveler.

This is what Viagens Machu Picchu does here, bringing pleasure, adventure and security to you, who are looking for the best way to know and experience a totally unknown country.

Customized Service

With a specialized service, the profiles, needs and desires of each traveler are studied in order to find the best solution. The tour you want to have, what place you cannot miss, where do you want to spend the night, how many days you´ll stay, every detail can be customized to offer you the best experience ever. If you want to know a special place that is not very famous, or if you have particular needs and doubts, our travel agent can help you with all of this.

We can customize your travel to Machu Picchu, Lima, Huacacinha Oasis, Arequipa, Cusco, Trujillo, anywhere you want, offering the best travel package to Peru.

Cost Benefits

For those looking for the best cost benefit, a local travel agency is a great option to choose. It can be much more advantageous than doing everything alone or without specialized assistance, that´s because the travel agencies have several partnerships, they usually negotiate in large quantities with hotels, airlines, insurance companies and obtain more attractive values.

Viagens Machu Picchu works togheter with several partners, wich results in quality and good prices for you, good payment conditions, ensuring the best cost benefit.

Hotel Advantages

At Viagens Machu Picchu we have great partnerships with the best hotels in Peru, always prioritizing comfort, value, distance and services, and, arriving or leaving more quickly between these places, ensuring better optimization of your time throughout the trip.

That way our travel agency can offer you ease of transportation and optimizations between distances, to provide a great experience for those who wants to make the most of the time in the ancient country of the Incas.


Hiring a travel agency, especially on international trips, is essential. That’s because you are going to a country that is totally unknown to you, which includes new language and customs. Even if you speak the language, this is your first time in the country, it´s important to have a specialized team, who will offer all the necessary suport and information.

We, at Viagens Machu Picchu, are ready to help you fulfill your dream of traveling do Peru, with all the benefits of a travel agency, just visit our site and contact us.

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