6 Unmissable Lagoons in Peru

If you like nature, hiking, mountains, lakes and incredible landscapes, you are reading the right post. Peru continues to surprise us, as much as we have shown a lot of its best places in this Blog, there is always something new due to the awesome experience that each spot provide to visitors.

We are talking about some of the most beautiful places in the Peruvian territory, the lagoons, wich are huge and amazing places full of water that shape the landscape in magnificient configurations between mountains, forests and parks that guarantee some unbelievable views.

Among so many great options, there 6 of them that are the most preferred, located in magic places and ready to be explored for you.

Llanganuco Lake

Actually here are 2 lagoons, the Chinancocha (Quechua for “Female Lake”) and the Orconcocha (“Male Lake”). They are located 3.800 meters above the sea level, at the foot of Huascarán, the biggest Peruvian moutain, inside the Huascaran National Park. Both lagoons were formed due to melting of glaciers, the first one is the most visited and is characterized by the intense green turquoise color, the second is smaller, located at the end of the glacier valley, and its waters are light blue. These incredible lagoons are surrounded by wonderful flora and you probably have never witnessed this amazing shade of turquoise.

Paron Lake

Another lagoon located in the Huascaran National Park in Peru, at almost 4.200 meters above the sea level, this is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca. It´s easy to get there, the trail is well demarcated and of easy level. When you get there you´ll have a stunning view, a crystal turquoise lake surrounded by peaky mountains, specially the impressive peak of Piramide de Garcilazo ( 5.900 meters). Depending on the time of day you go and the weather, the lake might seem more green or blue.

Churup lake

An unknown, but amazing lagoon, Laguna Churup lies 4450 meters above sea level, in the Huascaran National Park. This is one of the best option to one-day trip, most common to acclimatize, so if you’re looking for something to ease you into one of the longer hikes in the Huaraz area or just a beautiful and accessible day hike, then you absolutely must get to this place. In the end you´ll be able to see the magnificent multicolored glacier lake at the base of the mighty Churup Mountain, and appreciate the water with its beautiful shade of blue-green!

69 lake

This is one of the postcards of Peru, and one the most beautifuls of South America. It´s also located in the Huascaran National Park, in northen Peru. It is at incredibles 4.600 meters above the sea level, the hike is no so long, but it is the altitude which makes this a hard trek. The path is not easy, but is surrounded by mountains, small waterfalls, rivers, several animals and at the end is compensated with the extraordinary view to the abundance of turquoise waters. This kind of color it will be difficult to find in the rest of the world! The most important thing to remember before hiking to Laguna 69 is that you must acclimatise.

Llaca Lake

In the Huascaran National Park, in the Ancash region, you´ll find another amazing lagoon, but pretty unheard by the tourists. When you reach the lagoon, you´ll be more than 4.400 meters above sea level, surrounded by a lot of vegetation and a magnificient glacier mountains that increase the landscape beauty. Don’t forget your camera! At the summit there are spectacular views and the lake´s color will surprise you.

Humantay Lake

This gorgeous glacial lake in located in the Cusco region of Peru, not in the Huascaran National Park. It´s known as one of the most beautiful in Peru and one of the most famous points of the Salkantay trail, the same trail that take you to Machu Picchu. The lagoon is at incredibles 4.630 meters high, in the base of the Salkantay Moutain, its waters are originated from the melting of the mountain, and for this reason it maintains a fascinating coloring ranging from emerald green to blue. Once you reach Laguna Humantay you’ll have a unique and unforgetable moment in your life.

As we said before, Peru is full of wonderful places and surprises, if you are plannig to visit the country, first of all, visit our website and check all travel options or contact our team to customize your package to Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, and much more.

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